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From my childhood, I was very much fascinated about our culture & even was very much found of reading, listening to the music & even loved to sing the songs. After completing my S.S.L.C in 1972, I joined my father in his provision store.

I was always tensed that what will happen to my whole family when we have to give back our rental based shop. So I was always thinking of to do some new business through which I can earn more profit. So I started asking my friends regarding this & trying to get some idea, which I finally found from one of my friend who is Marathi. He gave me the idea of screen printing business, the field which doesn't require more investment nor qualification. So I started trying to get printing work but I didn't even know the meaning nor spelling of it.

I finally got from the aggarbatti supplier to print the upper paper of the aggarbatti box. I was very happy with this new business & I bought all materials required like screen, ink etc. Afterwards I met Mr. Ramesh More to know more about printing, he even helped me.

In 1978 I bought a piece of land in Busa Ind. in the name of Diamond Enterprises . For this I collected the money on credit from my friends & relatives. In Busa Ind. I met Mr. Badal Hasiji, a sindhi friend of mine, who helped me a lot not only by introducing me in the market, but also he taught me everything about this business & more of all he even fixed the wholesale supplier for me to whom I can supply my goods.

But because of my less knowledge about the business & product, I was running in loss for 4 years. Inspite of my hard work , I had to sell my shop to pay my loans back to my friends. Even after all this hurdles, I had only one thing in my mind that I want to do a new & successful business & doesn't wanted to continue in that provision shop.

In 1989 I got married, My life partner was very co-operative & with her encouragement I bought a new rental based shop in the same Ind. This time I didn't had any friends or relatives who can introduce me in the market. So I had to do all alone i.e from manufacturing to supply.

Finally after my hardwork of 4 to 5 years, I got success. Slowly, the demand for sticker boomed which increased my product supply. As my product became successful & famous, people in the market gave me the nickname as “DIAMOND STICKERS WALLA?. So I took the advantage of this by giving trade mark of my product as “DIAMOND STICKERS?

Then by my good luck my progress rised up & up. I also involved my friends & family in this business so that I can get their help & even they can learn something new & also with the good intention I made my classmate Mr. Mahesh bhai to join with me. Afterwards with the help of Mr. Laxmikant Gala, a close relative of Mr. Maheshbhai we started the side business of sticking the postframe in the name of Fine-D¨¦cor from house to house & in the offices everymonth.

But afterwards even Mr. Lakshmikant bhai left us because he started his own business in stickers as R-Stickers. Then I launched a new company in the name of Multi tone, with the help of one of my sindhi friend & shri Pradeepbhai who is famous as skylark printers & who is now owning the spectrum brand. For this I bought one imported machine to make the stick on brand plane label, this is now own by My friend Mr. Maheshbhai independently.

Afterwards I took the help of my brother in law Shri Navinbhai Shah I bought the automatic gramming machine to produce Gramed paper. We named the company as ‘Jamkot' which is now handled by Mr. Navinbhai Shah independently. I even trained my nephew Mr. Dineshbhai Dedhia in the manufacturing of prigmendship quality product & he is now running in the production of D.D. Label which is also known as label stock & which is very much in demand.

So in this journey of Diamond stickers, many of my friends gave their hands to me but as they landed in their junctions, whereas my train is still going on. As the staf members are now happy with their business, one of my friend Shri Lakshmichand who is also known as Anil labelwala is proud on me & he prays me as his Guru. Shri Bharat Sethiya, the owner of Tarun Enterprises remembers those happy days when we worked together.

I also give credit to my family members Dinesh & Sarla. My Childrens Mitul & Dhvani are very much interested in this business & they also want to join it & want to raise it at high. In 1992 I registered the company name as Dinsons Self Sticks Pvt. Ltd. in order to get a better impression in the corporate world. Then I changed my provision shop which was handled by my younger brother & opened a new video library.

For this I wanted one of my family member to look after this & I told Shri Sureshbhai to get trained to handle it. But Sureshbhai had to go for the follow up of prinitng to all the different printers because the offset printing work was done by the outside printer. As the work was going on very well, so Sureshbhai's uncle & nephew (Chetan Nandu & SharadBhai) attracted by this field. They learned everything from us & started a new company ‘Creative Graphics' which is doing very well in packaging.

Even Shureshbhai has started his own ‘Shreeji Creation' offset printings. In the last so many years I bought so many land property & also sold them. But now I have decided to buy one big office so as to have everything in one place that is staff, production & stock because my son has also joined me in business & this makes me very much relax.So to have all under one roof I bought new land in M.I.D.C (New mumbai).

I wanted to donate something good to this new world, which I did it by extending my stickers business. So many commercial artist gets the training from me for preparing stickers, positive, negative, graphics etc. & they are now successfully runing their own business.Smt. Manjulaben & Shri Ashokbhai shah who belongs to my village & my friend Shri Rashmikant started positive outputting & colour digital printing in lower parel as ‘Xpress Image. During this period we introduced many new products in the market & in which we were successful.

I have even won many awards. My company Diamond Stickers is named high in the newspapers.I also wrote essays for my product in many newspapers& magazines. I thank all of my friends, relatives, customers & staff because with their support I earned goodwill & successful.

- Mr. Dinesh Gogari

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